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  1. Fall Protection: No work will occur on platforms, decks, scaffolds or any work surface in excess of 4 feet (1.2 meters) in height, without appropriate guard rails or fall protection equipment.
  2. Confined Space: No work can take place in a confined space without first completing a documented atmospheric test with a calibrated gas meter and complying with the conditions of a confined space entry permit.
  3. Electrical Lockout/Tagout: Workers must employ safe practices when working with electrical power systems.
  4. Safe Driving: All occupants of a motor vehicle will wear their seat belts 100% of the time and operate in full compliance with all local driving laws.

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  1. Leadership: Employee safety is a reflection of leadership. A leader motivates others to engage in our values and safe work practices, not only through communication but also through their actions. As a leader, you are expected to take responsibility of the project from start to end by making sure all required safeguards, along with the right tools and equipment for all workers, are in place. Make sure your team is aware of all potential risks and hazards.
  2. Hand Safety: Hand protection is a vital part of our safety program. A high potential exists for injury risk to hands since we constantly use them. It is important to be diligent about wearing PPE and to stay focused on where we place our hands to ensure they stay out of harm’s way.
  3. Hazard Recognition: A hazard is a potential for harm. There are too many potential hazards to name, but the list includes noise, heat, chemicals and electric shock. All employees are a part of the hazard analysis process and should have a unique understanding of the work environment in order to minimize oversights and share in project ownership.
  4. Body Mechanics: A wrench, hammer, forklift, truck or crane has the potential to injure employees if used improperly. Employees must be trained, certified and alert to safely perform the tasks they are assigned with the tools given.

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  1. Continually ventilate during man entry.
  2. All entrants must be hooked to a lifeline/retrieval system.
  3. Calibrated meter used on every man entry.
  4. Harness and rope used on every man entry.
  5. Confined space entry permit must be completed and posted in sight of manhole.


beta365最新  并未接入銀聯清算的支付寶,盡管當時只是小眾事務,但對傳統的四方清算模式以及以銀行為代表的傳統支付機構已經形成潛在的壓力,亦為后來的監管新規埋下伏筆工廠方面,特斯拉美國Fremont工廠的Model3/Y年產能從40萬增長到50萬輛(Q4能夠產12.5),上海工廠Model3年產能從20萬增長到25萬輛(Q4能夠產6.25)